Marcela Denniston

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With over 15 years of experience in the Information Security industry, Marcela has an established track record for building successful cyber security products and operations centers in both the government and commercial sector.

As a cyber analyst for the United States Navy during the emergence of government Cyber Operations, Marcela was given the opportunity to spearhead many efforts on the establishment of government cyber operations, training and recruiting. As a consultant, her experience with government extends across several organizations to include the Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency and all military branches in the development of Security Operations Centers and cyber analysis products. She also served on several committees including Data Governance, Data Sharing, NSA Cyber Training Development, and NSA Adjunct Faculty.

Marcela’s commercial experience includes consulting for national and international organizations, as well as holding key roles in Cyber Security start-ups, including Senior Director of Customer Success and Sales Engineer and VP of Threat Intelligence Security Operations. Her ability to converge successful business processes to her in-depth knowledge of cyber security has enabled her to build and restore successful business operations at Cyber Security Companies.

Marcela has an MBA- International Business and a passion for evangelizing the importance of cyber security education.